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Workshop call on neutrino mass - vMass07: 19-20 luglio 2007

Dear Colleagues,

We are currently organizing the international workshop NuMass, which will be devoted to the current status and future perspectives on direct probes of the neutrino mass, with emphasis on single beta decay. Groups that have been developing cryogenic microcalorimetric technology are proposing a new experiment (MARE), aiming at possible mass sensitivities beyond the current tritium experiment. It is thus worth to revisit the interplay between single beta decay, double beta decay and cosmological probes of neutrino mass, where significant progress is also expected in the next decade, and new experimental and theoretical ideas are emerging. Therefore, the Organizing Committee would like to invite you to participate and contribute to a lively e stimulating discussion on future goals of absolute neutrino mass probes.

The NuMass workshop will take place in the Physics Department of the University of Genoa, Italy, from July 19th to 20th 2007, and will be limited to 50 participants to allow ample time for discussions and interactions. There will be no registration fees, but an online registration is required, where you can propose a talk if you wish. A few proposed talks will be selected by the Organizing Committee for inclusion  in the final program.. Coffee breaks and a social dinner will be offered to the participants. We also propose two nearby Hotels for a limited number of persons. An early registration is strongly recommended  for a successful hotel booking.

The registration form, programme and main guidelines can be consulted on the webpage :

The workshop is organized and supported by the Physics Department of the University and INFN of Genoa.

We hope to see you in Genoa, please do not hesitate to contact us
for any further information.

On  the behalf of  the Organizing Committee,

Flavio Gatti (chair)

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