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Time and Matter 2007, Bled 26 - 31 agosto

Dear Colleagues,

From August 26th to 31st 2007 a conference on Time and Matter (TAM2007)
will be held at lake Bled, Slovenia. It will be an interdisciplinary event,
which we hope can help to get a better grasp of the interconnections
between different phenomena related to time and matter both on micro
and macroscopic scale.

The agenda will include such topics as precision measurements of time,
causality and signal propagation, coherence, decoherence and entanglement,
CP and T violation, quantum gravity, macroscopic time reversal, arrow of
 time, Big Bang evolution, structure formation of the universe and
philosophical perspectives on time in fundamental physics.

All interested are invited to have a look at the TAM2007 home page,>
where the complete conference information is presented.

Best regards,Samo Stanic, LOC ChairUniversity of Nova GoricaVipavska 13, Nova Gorica, Slovenia

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