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TCN CAE 2008 International Conference on Simulation

TCN CAE 2008 International Conference on Simulation
Based Engineering and Sciences
16-17 October 2008 - Mestre (VENICE)


TCN CAE 2008 will provide an international forum for researchers, scientists, engineers, managers dedicated to the fields of applied computational science and engineering. The Conference will bring together the industrial and scientific worlds of simulation, thus promoting latest advancements in a technology sector that various independent studies regard as indispensable for achieving progress in engineering and science in the 21st century.

TCN has placed greatest emphasis on the Conference structure and themes. The ultimate goal is, of course, to meet the expectations of delegates from science and industry, but also to allow for best possible interaction and exchange between the two worlds.

The opening plenary session on Thursday reflects the four pillars of TCN and the conference: Academia - Industry - Research - Software. Four eminently respectable speakers will inspire the audience by highlighting unique perspectives.

The afternoon program will be dedicated to Simulation-based Science with four parallel sessions focusing on the key areas of: Medicine (Computational Bioengineering, Biomechanics, Biomedical); Materials (Multi-scale approaches); MDO, Robust Design and Decision Making ; Education and Knowledge transfer in Computational Science and Engineering

Friday's Program will feature Simulation-based Engineering, in particular multi-disciplinary approaches, in the four main industries of: Automotive; Aerospace; Power Energy (Oil and Gas, .); Process and Manufacturing
While each session is dedicated to a specific industry, the program will strike a balance between industrial applications and research. Key issues, such as advances in numerical methods, software developments, the limits of current technologies, next generation algorithms, computational performance, necessary developments and future challenges will be discussed.

The scientific program will include plenary, invited and contributed talks and poster presentations. Plenary papers will be allotted 45 minutes; contributed papers will be allotted 20 minutes. Poster papers will be on display throughout the Conference. The official Conference language is English.

The organizers invite submissions of high-quality papers and posters that review and assess the use of computational technologies and stimulate future trends in the development of computational technologies for industry. Researchers and professionals in these areas interested in submitting their work to TCN CAE 2008 should consider sending a brief description of their work (400 words) before the submission deadline. As always, the industrial relevance of the application and the excellence of the ideas will be the predominant criteria for acceptance. Abstracts should be submitted only through the Conference website: please access it and follow the instructions.

For accepted contributions, a short final paper of up to 4 pages will be pulished in the Conference proceedings after the Conference. Selected papers may also be published in special issues of international journals following the Conference.

Please note the following key dates:

- Deadline for submission of abstracts/posters: 30 June 2008
- Notification of acceptance of abstracts/posters: 31 July 2008
- Poster material due: 31 August 2008
- Deadline for submission of final papers: 31 August 2008

For more Information:

TCN Secretariat Office
Tel: +39 035 368711

TCN CAE 2008 will be organized together with EnginSoft Conference 2008

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