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Postdoc positions in Stockholm

The newly formed Oskar Klein Centre (OKC) at Stockholm University has received funding from the Swedish Research Council (VR) for a ten- year programme in dark matter, dark energy, extreme objects in the universe, and related LHC-based studies. The aim is to create a productive and stimulating research environment emphasizing common goals and benefiting from the wide range of international research programs in physics and astronomy at Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology. This announcement is part of the first round of recruitments for OKC, aiming to fill up to seven postdoc positions. We search candidates in the following fields: High Redshift Universe (SU-144/08), Supernovae, Gamma-ray Bursts and Observational Cosmology (SU-145/08), Particle Physics Phenomenology and/or Cosmology (SU-146/08), and Dark Matter, GRBs and AGNs (SU-147/08).

For details of application, see the Oskar Klein Centre homepage, <

Closing date for receipt of applications: *December 1, 2008*>_.

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