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European Young Investigator Awards



European Young Investigator Awards


EURYI 4th Call for Proposals


The European Heads of Research Councils (EUROHORCS), wishing to contribute to the building of the European Research Area, have joined in collaboration with the European Science Foundation (ESF) in creating the European Young Investigator (EURYI) Awards. The aim of EURYI Awards is to encourage and enable outstanding young researchers from all over the world to work in Europe to benefit the development of European science and to build up the next generation of leading European researchers. The scheme especially encourages foreign researchers to come to Europe and European researchers who have been working outside of Europe to return.


In this scheme each participating organization can submit a fixed number of projects (see pages 4 - 5 - 6 "Annex-1 List of EUROHORCs Participating Organizations") Call's text .


In the 4th call for proposals INFN has the possibility to present at maximum 2 projects in the field of nuclear, subnuclear and astroparticle physics.


Applicant eligibility


Open to young researchers from anywhere in the world holding a doctoral degree (at PhD or at a recognised equivalent doctoral level) who have between 24 and a maximum of 96 months of postdoctoral experience at the closing date of the call, taking into account career breaks. Full Professors (or equivalent) are not eligible to apply as they are not considered within the aims of EURYI to have already achieved an established position.


Award characteristics

Award holders are expected to devote their full working time to research and the activities described in the proposal. To this purpose applicants must request their full salary (even if they are already employed by the host institution) to ensure they can be released from any other commitments.

The applicant is responsible for agreeing suitable arrangements with a host institution before submitting an application.

The award will last for a 5 year period, subject to satisfactory progress. The award holders are expected to start their project within six months after the 1st October 2007.

The total value of an award will normally be no less than 750 kEURO over 5 years and shall not exceed a maximum of 1250 kEURO . Reductions to the budget applied for may occur as a result of Stage One peer review and as a result of the availability of funds within the total budget of the scheme.

Awards will be subject to the terms and conditions of the participating organisation through which the EURYI Award is submitted. This includes existing practices concerning eligible costs Memorandum of Understanding.




Assessment of Applications


The assessment of applications will be undertaken in two stages, Stage One (S-1) at national level and Stage Two (S-2) at European level. The national level selection (S-1) will be carried out by INFN according to its peer review procedures and in accordance with the guidelines issued by the EURYI Management Committe. The European Science Foundation will manage the European phase (S-2) of the review process and coordinate the funding of the awards.


How to apply


The candidate should contact the INFN structure where to perform the research project in order to agree on the research project and on the infrastructures availability.

Application should be submit through INFN, the following forms and documents should be provided:


1. Application Form doc pdf


divided in the following parts:


Part A: administrative details and project summary:


Project summary

Total budget required (in euro)

Applicant declaration

Host Institution declaration signed by an authorized person

Part B


Background of the applicant

Part C


Project description

Part D


Financial plan and justification of resources awarded

Part E


Host Institution (maximum 1 page A4): Include a statement on the host institution, covering your knowledge of its reputation and facilities, any existing or previous collaboration with it and the reason you have chosen it.

Appendix 1 : CV of applicant with list of publications (maximum 10 pages A4)


Appendix 2 : Letter from the Host Institution.


This letter, signed by a person authorised by the administrative authority of the host research institution, should describe the nature and level of support that will be available to the applicant for the duration of the award. The following should be included but the list is not exhaustive:

1) A description of the research infrastructure that will be made available (equipment, computing normal and where relevant, high speed computing), fixed research infrastructure such as clean rooms etc. and the level of access to be given to them;

2) Arrangements in place with other research institutions for access to their facilities which will be extended to the award holder;

3) Technical support services for example materials or biological sample testing, calibration/technical support for instrumentation etc;

4) Scientific support and encouragement from academic staff and other researchers in related areas of research or areas where synergy could be developed through collaboration e.g. nanotechnology and IT.


Appendix 3 : Letters of Recommendation in english in support of your Application. A minimum of two letters are required. They should be from scientists of your choice who have a recognized well established international reputation in the area of your research. These letters should attempt to give an impartial assessment of your qualities related to the selection criteria.


An applicant may submit only one application per call (submission of more than one application will result in automatic exclusion from the evaluation procedures)


Time Schedule


- Application submission: From 1 September to 30 November 2006;


- Assessment process:


S-1 National level: 1 December 2006 – 30 March 2007; S-2 European level: 1 April - 31 July 2007


– Announcement of awards:Beginning of August 2007


– Starting date of award:within six months of October 2007


– Additional



The application form and all documentation required should be submitted to INFN no later than 30th November 2006 (poststamp is not valid).

All the documentation must be sent to:



Att. Dr. Antonella Antonelli

Via E.Fermi 40 - 00044 Frascati


and by e-mail to:





















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