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Conference on Early Time Dynamics in Heavy Ion Collisions: July 16-19, 2007

We are pleased to announce the second circular for the Conference on Early Time Dynamics in Heavy Ions, which will be held at the Department of Physics of McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada, July 16-19, 2007.

The conference website is


We thank you for your very positive responses to the first circular.

It promises to be an exciting Conference. Already more than 30 people from Europe and North America have confirmed their participation (the list of confirmed participants as of April 10 is at the end of this circular). If you plan to participate, we urge you to register at the above website as soon as possible.


There is now also a possibility of graduate student support for some local expenses. Hence, we encourage you to let any interested students know of this opportunity to rub shoulders with the experts in their chosen field.

A few graduate students will be chosen to give oral presentations and they will all have a chance to present their research in a poster session.

To apply for the financial support, the student should send us an email application (including name, school, field, and presentation/poster

title) to the email address below.


Understanding early time dynamics, besides being interesting in its own right, is crucially important in studying relativistic heavy ion


The aim of the Conference is to gather together experts in various aspects and review what has been achieved on this vital topic, and also

to discuss and share fresh ideas on what is to come. The topics include


o Penetrating probes

o Jet production and jet quenching

o Heavy quark production

o Small-x, saturation and the Color Glass Condensate o Formation of pre-thermalization stage and collective phenomena in pre-thermalization stages o High-pT collective phenomena


with an emphasis on dialogues between theory and experiment.


The conference is hosted by the Department of Physics at McGill University, which is located in the heart of downtown Montreal in Quebec, Canada. The conference dates are July 16 - 19, 2007. The fees for the conference are $150 (Canadian) for regular participants and $80 (Canadian) for articipating graduate students.

However, as mentioned above, graduate students can apply for local support including the fee waiver.

We offer a special rate at a nearby hotel Four-points Sheraton) and double occupancy dorm rooms for participating students ($45 Canadian per night per student, light breakfast included).

Each participant should arrange his/her own accommodation.

Contact information on several local hotels, including the dorm, can be found at


For your accompanying family members, there are lots of summer activities they can enjoy in Montreal and surrounding areas before, during and after the conference. Traditionally, July is the busiest festivity month in Montreal. Just before the conference there are the Montreal Jazz Festival and the International Reggae Festival.


During the conference, there are the world famous "Just for Laughs" Comedy Festival, International Firework Competition, Fantasia Film Festival, African Music Festival, and more. Most of the festival venues are within walking distance from the conference site; many involve free entertainment, including exciting street performances in the evening.

For more information on year-round activities in Montreal, please refer to

and for the Comedy Festival,


So please mark your calendars, and register at

We hope that you will attend this conference and participate in the festival of physics and culture.


Sangyong Jeon, for the Organizing Committee.


o Contact: etd-hic <at> physics <dot> mcgill <dot> ca


o Organizing Committee:


Jean Barrette (McGill)

Steffen Bass (Duke)

Brian Cole (Columbia)

Charles Gale (McGill)

Sangyong Jeon (McGill)

Agnes Mocsy (BNL)

Guy Moore (McGill)

Joerg Ruppert (McGill)

Michael Strickland (FIAS Frankfurt)


o Confirmed participants (outside McGill, alphabetic order) as of April, 10


Francois Arleo (Annecy)

Steffen Bass (Duke)

Rolf Baier (Bielefeld)

Marcus Bleicher (FIAS Frankfurt)

Helen Caines (Yale)

Oana Catu (Yale)

Brian Cole (Columbia)

Magdalena Djordjevic (Ohio State)

Adrian Dumitru (FIAS Frankfurt)

Jamie Dunlop (BNL)

Rainer Fries (Texas A & M)

Sean Gavin (Wayne State)

Barbara Jacak (Stony Brook)

Peter Jacobs (LBL)

Jiangyong Jia (Columbia)

Joseph Kapusta (Minnesota)

Jennifer Klay (Cal Poly)

Gerd J. Kunde (Los Alamos)

Marco Van Leeuwen (LBL)

Abhijit Majumder (Duke)

Saskia Mioduszewski (Texas A & M)

Agnes Mocsy (BNL)

Denes Molnar (Purdue)

Berndt Mueller (Duke)

Peter Petreczky (BNL)

Claude Pruneau (Wayne State)

Ralf Rapp (Texas A & M)

Thorsten Renk (Jyvaskyla)

Paul Sorensen (BNL)

Michael Strickland (FIAS Frankfurt)

Giorgio Torrieri (FIAS Frankfurt)

Itzhak Tserruya (Weizmann)

Kirill Tuchin (Iowa State)

Sergei Voloshin (Wayne State)

Nu Xu (LBL)

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