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AGILE: when size does not matter

(the following text has been partially taken from INAF IASF Bologna web site)

It's small, it's Italian, and it's ready to fly. Its name is Agile, a pocket satellite which will catch gamma-rays from all over the universe. Planned to be launched before the end of April by the Indian PSLV rocket from the Sriharikota base (Madras – Chennai), on April 1 AGILE will leave for India.

The AGILE project, which is highly innovative with optimal imaging capabilities in both the gamma-ray energy range (30 MeV-50 GeV) and hard X-ray range (15-45 keV), is sponsored by the Italian Space Agency (ASI), and is scientifically headed by Marco Tavani and Guido Barbiellini, with the scientific and programmatic participation of the Italian Institute of Astrophysics (INAF) and the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN).

Iasf-bo researchers and engineers have been playing a great role in Agile: both the Minicalorimeter, the Mechanical Equipments, Data Acquisition, Archiving and Quick Look Analysis Subsystems for the Payload AIV and Calibration Campaign are under their responsibility.

INFN-Ts researchers have been playing an important role in AGILE: they are
responsible of the silicon tungsten tracker which they have designed and
assembled together with Mipot S.p.A. and of the calibration facilities of
the satellite. The tracker is the main instrument of the satellite as it
will reconstruct the original direction of the gamma rays allowing
to identify sources.

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