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Administrative management, contracts.

Directorate office and personnel office

Directorate office, personnel management, scientific communication, scientific secretariat and organization of events.

Technological transfer


Computing and networking

Management of computers and network infrastructures.

Electronics lab

Design and development of electronic devices for nuclear physics experiments.

Silicon detectors lab

Design and development of silicon detectors for nuclear physics experiments.

Mechanics design and workshop

Design and development of mechanics devices and apparatus.


Safety and prevention of industrial accidents.

General technical service

Technology, logistics and technical support.

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Image in the page header: an artistically enhanced picture of particle tracks in the BEBC, Big European Bubble Chamber (Copyright CERN).

Pictures: Pen checking figures by I. Britton, Leader by jscreationzs, Keyboard, Integrated Circuit by P. Kratochvil, Fire Extinguishers by P. Griffin, Tornio by F. Colazingari, Electricidad by J. P. Juez, CASIS2 Chip by G. Orzan (INFN).